Testimonial From AW

Regarding: Consumer Testimonials, Depression, Pain

In 1993, was diagnosed with chronic pain and depression by a neurologist. This condition continued for a period of sixteen years, during which time I was taking numerous daily meds for the pain and depression. Consequently, I looked for and tried many alternative treatments just a few of which included acupuncture, biofeedback, food allergy treatment, chemical sensitivity treatment, cranial sacral work, etc.

In 2006, I was seen by a pain specialist here in Eugene and was prescribed the Alpha-Stim®. Since then, have used the Alpha-Stim® with ear clips one hour per day and after only one month experienced considerable lessening of pain severity, frequency and duration. At present, I am off of all daily meds and only use one med at one-half dosage with Alpha-Stim® when needed. I am pain free for days at a time. Significant improvement for the first time in all of those years. The longest time that a pain episode lasts with the use of the Alpha-Stim® meds is three to three and one-half hours which is remarkable.

- AW, Eugene, OR

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