How to Use Alpha-Stim M with Smart Probes to Treat Pain in the Neck and Shoulders

How to Use Alpha-Stim M with Smart Probes to Treat Pain in the Neck and Shoulders

Have you ever experienced pain in your neck or shoulders and wondered how to effectively treat it with your Alpha-Stim®? In the following video, Dr. Jeff Marksberry, Vice President of Science and Education at Electromedical Products International, Inc., provides instructions, tips and tricks to treat your pain using Alpha-Stim Smart Probes.

Evaluate your pain before, and from time-to-time, during, and after each treatment. If you’re judging on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (maximum pain), keep track of how your number on the scale fluctuates as you use Alpha-Stim to treat your pain.

  • 0 = No pain
  • 2 = Mild pain; only aware of pain when focused on it. Considered nagging and annoying but only slightly interferes with activities of daily living (ADL).
  • 4 = Tolerable pain; can be ignored somewhat.
  • 6 = Distressful pain; interferes significantly with ADL.
  • 8 = Severe pain; cannot concentrate or do anything but simple tasks.
  • 10 = Disabling pain; unable to perform ADL.

Note: Because Alpha-Stim uses such a low level of microcurrent, many people do not feel anything at all, even at the maximum current level. Do not be concerned if you cannot feel the current; this is perfectly normal and your perception of the current will not affect the results.

Alpha-Stim is a handheld, prescription medical device that is FDA cleared to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Unlike other prescription medications, Alpha-Stim does not have any adverse side effects, and most patients see fast and effective results.

The Alpha-Stim® M provides Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) uses a low-level electrical current with a patented waveform, featured only in Alpha-Stim technology, that has been proven to assist with chronic pain management, acute pain management, and post traumatic pain management. Alpha-Stim has an extensive safety record, with few side effects (less than 1%) and considerable scientific evidence of the significant results patients may achieve.

Click here for more information on how Alpha-Stim can be used to treat pain.

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