Sweaty palms. Pounding heartbeat. Dry mouth.

If these symptoms plague you every time you have to speak in front of a group of people – no matter how big or small – you are probably experiencing public speaking anxiety.

While public speaking anxiety (technically known as glossophobia) is not a life-threatening illness, it can certainly have a major impact on your ability to perform your job and make a strong impression on your colleagues. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are about the topic at hand, anxiety can rob you of your composure, leaving you shaking, dizzy, and feeling downright sick when in front of a crowd.

Nearly 75% of people experience public speaking anxiety – it’s incredibly common!

If this sounds familiar, know that you are not alone. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that nearly 75% of people experience public speaking anxiety. You may find yourself dreading upcoming presentations, or even losing sleep over the prospect of having to speak in front of others. If you are a college student, you might have considered dropping certain courses that require presentations in front of the class. But there is no need to let your anxiety control your life – you can have the upper hand.

If you need to take control of your anxiety, you have options – and they are not all medications. To begin, the Mayo Clinic recommends the following tactics to help you proactively manage your anxiety around public speaking:

  • Study up on your topic
  • Organize your information
  • Practice your presentation at home
  • Take time to do some deep breathing
  • Visualize a successful outcome
  • Focus on your topic – not your audience

Many people use medications to treat their glossophobia. These drugs can cause a host of terrifying side effects, including nausea, dizziness, depression, drowsiness, difficulty breathing or swallowing, headache, and confusion – to name just a few.. And even if you don’t experience physical side effects, anti-anxiety medications can cause you to lose your passion and energy, making your presentation flat and devoid of enthusiasm.

But there is a better way to treat your anxiety without compromising the quality of your public speaking. While it does require a prescription, it is not a drug and it has no lasting side effects. In fact, you may even notice that you start to enjoy the things you were formerly anxious about. What is this other option? It’s a medical device called Alpha-Stim.

Alpha-Stim treatments are convenient and easy, and relief is often immediate.

Alpha-Stim® is a powerful tool to have at your disposal when you suffer from glossophobia. It is an FDA cleared, handheld medical device proven to quickly and effectively quell anxiety in 9 out of 10 users. Treatments last just 20 minutes, yet relief is long lasting and often immediate. Alpha-Stim is small and discrete, allowing you to easily conquer your anxiety at the office or wherever you work, minutes before taking the stage.

Since Alpha-Stim is not a drug, there is no risk of addiction or lasting side effects. And unlike with medications, results with Alpha-Stim are cumulative – you’ll need it less and less as you continue to feel better. Alpha-Stim is compact and discrete, so you can conduct treatments at home or in the office while preparing for your meeting or presentation. And not only does Alpha-Stim work better than medications, but it costs less, too!

Alpha-Stim brings dependable relief from anxiety, no matter its source – so if you find that your anxiety spikes in other situations as well, we’ve got you covered. Alpha-Stim’s patented waveform restores balance to your brainwaves, bringing you a sense of calm whether you’re dreading an important work presentation or a lighthearted social gathering or anything in between.

Public speaking anxiety is common, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it as part of your life. Don’t let anxiety rob you of your confidence and poise. With Alpha-Stim, you can leave your anxiety behind and put your best foot forward. Don’t wait – get started today!

About Alpha-Stim

Alpha-Stim® is an FDA cleared, handheld medical device that has been proven time and again to effectively treat acute, post traumatic, and chronic pain, as well as anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Alpha-Stim uses cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), delivered through a patented waveform via two earclip electrodes, to treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) delivers pain relief directly to the source of discomfort via two handheld Smart Probes.

The safety and effectiveness of Alpha-Stim is backed by over 100 independent clinical research studies. Unlike with medications, there is no risk of addiction or lasting side effects.

Alpha-Stim is available by prescription in the United States and over-the-counter in other countries. Get started today!