Executive Team

Committed to Therapies That Improve Lives

Tracey B. Kirsch
Chief Executive Officer

Tracey B. Kirsch has over three decades of management experience. She has a long history of, and a passion for helping people. From 1982 through 1991 she was Director of Residential Services at the Louise S. Davis Developmental Center in New Orleans, a 52 bed intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled. Tracey earned a BA in psychology from the University of New Orleans in 1989.

She has been president of Electromedical Products International, Inc. (EPI) since 1992. In that capacity she negotiated a Federal Supply Schedule contract with the United States government in 2005 for the use of Alpha-Stim within the Department of Defense and Veteran’s Affairs Medical Centers. Within a few years The US government, mainly the Army and Navy, as well as over 100 Veteran hospitals, became the biggest Alpha-Stim users.

Tracey joined the board of directors and is a diplomate of the nonprofit American Institute of Stress (stress.org) in 2012 where she is managing director overseeing business activities and strategic planning.

Tracey coauthored a chapter chronicling the US Food and Drug Administration’s medical device regulatory processes with an emphasis on EPI’s 29+ year battle to remove CES from Class III status.  (Kirsch TB and Kirsch DL, Problems with FDA Approval Process for Medical Devices, 2015, pp. 597-608 In Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine 2nd Edition, Rosch, Paul J. (Ed) CRC Press, Boca Raton.) More recently Tracey has designed and published studies on teacher and first responder stress related disorders working with the Mineral Wells ISD and Mineral Wells, Texas and Dayton, Ohio first responders (police and firefighters).

Tracey is quite active in her community. She is a member of the board and a stockholder of the Crazy Water Hotel Public Benefit Corporation, one of the larger projects in the revitalization of Mineral Wells. She recently served on the 13 county North Central Texas Workforce Solutions Board. Workforce Board Members are leaders within their communities and are appointed by the chief elected official of the county in which they reside or operate their business. She also served on various committees of the Mineral Wells Area Chamber of Commerce and was elected their first woman Chairperson in 1998. She is a member of Envision Mineral Wells which is a collaborative effort between community stake holders, the Chamber of Commerce and the Mineral Wells City Council to identify, prioritize and act on the most critical issues facing Mineral Wells in the coming decade. She has served on the Board of Directors of Hope, Inc., a shelter for victims of family violence. She was also Chair of the Brazos Valley Chapter of the Texas Association of Businesses and Chambers of Commerce and has served on TAB’s Board of Directors.

Tracey was named Businesswoman of the Year by the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Business Advisory Council in 2003. In December 2006 the American Biographical Institute named Tracey one of the Great Woman of the 21st Century for significant accomplishments in and mastery of the Medical Industry Management.

Andy Miclot

Andrew J. Miclot, MA, MBA

Andrew J. Miclot has had extensive global leadership experience growing a wide range of medical device companies from early stage to Fortune 500 corporations. His business insight, transformational leadership and strategic vision have repeatedly led to unprecedented gains in global market share, revenue, and profitability. Prior to joining EPI as President, he was Vice Chairman and President of WishBone Medical helping children suffering from orthopedic issues.

He was a successful President and CEO of both Ascension Orthopedics and Micro Machine. Mr. Miclot was General Manager and Senior Vice President of the ArthroCare Corporation’s $100 million ENT division where he successfully delivered three years of double-digit growth after several years of flat sales.

For thirteen years, he served as Senior Vice President, Officer, and IRO with Symmetry Medical, leading the company from a $10 million, breakeven medical device company to annual revenue in excess of $300 million with a successful IPO. Mr. Miclot completed five global acquisitions and led diversification into 25 new medical device markets, by leading the development of more 500 products (57 of which were patented).

He has been an executive of several Public and Private medical device companies and has been a Director on multiple medical device Boards as well as multiple not-for-profit Boards like Cardinal Services, to empower people with disabilities.

Mr. Miclot has a BA in Speech and Hearing Sciences and an MA in Audiology from Indiana University and an MBA from Lake Forrest Graduate School of Management.

Scott Elder
Vice President and Corporate Counsel

Scott Elder has over 12 years of legal experience, with a background specializing in contractual and transactional law. He has a strong proficiency in the drafting of corporate contracts with companies and manufacturers as well as drafting representative and distribution agreements. Scott joined EPI in January of 2009, where he specializes in US and international regulatory law.

Raymond Chan, B.Eng, MBA
Vice President of Engineering

Mr. Chan holds degrees in engineering and business administration. Early in 1979, he developed a Texas Instrument (TI) microcontroller and subsequently founded the first TI Regional Technology Center in Asia—where he provided technical support, notably on Digital Signal Processors (an essential part of EEG analysis). In 1987, he began working closely with Dr. Daniel Kirsch in the design and manufacturing of Alpha-Stim products when he joined a public, listed company in Hong Kong. He left that company in 1995 to develop his career with Alpha-Stim. He currently serves as both Vice President of Engineering for EPI and General Manager of EPI (Asia), Ltd. He is a Microsoft-certified Professional, System Engineer, and Database Administrator. He is an Internal Auditor of quality systems certified by SGS Yarsley International Certification Services Ltd. and a Lead Auditor of ISO 13485 quality systems that are certified by AQS Management Systems Inc.

Josh Briley PhD, FAIS
Science and Education Director

Dr. Josh Briley is a licensed clinical psychologist. His multi-faceted career has given him experience with a wide variety of populations and psychological difficulties. He began his career working for the Federal Bureau of Prisons first as a staff psychologist at the Federal Correctional Complex in Beaumont, TX, then as a Residential Drug Abuse Program Coordinator at the Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno, OK. While employed with BOP, he also served on, and was later assigned to lead, two institutional Crisis Support Teams. He was also selected to be an Assistant Team Leader for the Regional Crisis Support Team in the South Central Region of the Bureau of Prisons, and served as both a Regional and National trainer for Crisis Support Team exercises and classes. His duties with Crisis Support Teams made him proficient in Psychological First Aid, disaster response, critical incident management, and shelter management. After leaving the Bureau of Prisons, Dr. Briley served as the clinical psychologist for a community outpatient clinic in Central Texas for the Veterans Health Administration. He became proficient in treating veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder, as well as with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal ideation, and family difficulties.  In addition, Dr. Briley has served as an Adjunct Professor for the University of Phoenix online, teaching several courses in Statistics, Research Methodology, and Abnormal Psychology for the Masters of Psychology program. Dr. Briley concurrently served as a part-time professor for Capella University online teaching an introductory to the psychology program to undergraduates. Dr. Briley ran a private practice for five years, providing a wide range of psychological assessments and therapy to members of a rural, Central Texas community. For the past two and a half years, Dr. Briley has worked with BetterHelp.com and its affiliates, providing therapy online to clients in Texas and throughout the world.

Brian Earthman, MD
Medical Director

Brian Earthman, MD, is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist, and has been in clinical practice since 2003. His experience includes treatment of psychiatric inpatients and outpatients, as well as the treatment of various addictions. After only a few years of clinical work, Dr. Earthman realized the limitations of medication and the difficulty patients had with their cost and side effects. He began utilizing a more comprehensive approach to treatment emphasizing exercise, counseling, and Alpha-Stim. With the addition of Alpha-Stim, Dr. Earthman is able to reduce and/or limit the need for medication in his patients. Dr. Earthman also served honorably for 12 years in the US Army Reserve Medical Corps; he has been on three combat zone deployments and has used Alpha-Stim successfully with soldiers in Iraq. Currently, he maintains an outpatient practice in Austin, Texas, and serves as Medical Director for EPI.

Larry R. Price, PhD
Research Director

Dr. Larry Price has been Research Director for Electromedical Products International, Inc. since 2007. He has worked on several Alpha-Stim® studies and surveys in both the civilian and military sectors. He earned his PhD from Georgia State University in 1997 with concentrations in research, measurement, statistics and higher education. Prior to coming to Texas State University-San Marcos where he is currently a Professor of Psychometrics and Statistics and the Director of the Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research Design & Analysis (IIRDA), he served as a Psychometrician and Statistician for the Emory University School Medicine Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences from 1996 to 1999. Between 1999 and 2001, Dr. Price was employed at The Psychological Corporation in San Antonio, Texas as a Psychometrician II. Dr. Price continues to serve as a consultant for The Psychological Corporation, The University of Texas Health Science Center – San Antonio’s Functional MRI Research Imaging Center, and METRICA, Inc./United States Air Force.

Dr Ava Frick

Ava Frick, DVM, FAIS
Veterinary Medical Director

As the Veterinary Medical Director for Electromedical Products International, Inc., Dr. Ava Frick developed the clinical trials and established the protocols for many species of animals. Her work opened the doors for returning the benefits of this proprietary waveform to animals, upon whom the original research on microcurrent therapy was developed. She continues to work with clients, veterinarians, and therapists around the world on the benefits of Alpha-Stim therapy for animals.

Dr. Frick earned her veterinary degree in 1980, a certification in Animal Chiropractic in 1997, and a proficiency certification in Herbal Phytotherapy in 2006. Her focus on physiotherapy has spanned almost 20 years and was a pioneer in the field of animal rehabilitation.

Mike Fegley
Sales Director

Michael Fegley joined Electromedical Products International, Inc. in 2013 and has 20 years of experience in the medical device industry as a proven sales leader. His management experience comes mostly from the orthopedic and spine industry. He has worked at several respected implant manufacturers and distributors including Biomet Texas, Stryker, and Sonoma Orthopedics. Prior to joining EPI. Mr. Fegley served as Area Business Director for Renovis Surgical and, prior to that, was the Regional Trauma Business Manager for Sonoma Orthopedics. In both of those positions he established multiple distribution networks and managed Sales Representatives, Distributors, Clinical Associates, and Product Specialists. His team was responsible for several million dollars in increased sales in a short time span.

Tonja Trammell
Government Services Director

Tonja Trammell has been with Electromedical Products International, Inc. in various capacities since 2004. Mrs. Trammell has worked her way up through customer service, government services, and now serves as Government Services Director. She works directly with the Department of Defense, Veterans Administration, and Indian Health Services as Government Services Director.

Prior to her time with EPI, Mrs. Trammell worked with the Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Department and Cross Timbers Narcotics Task Force for 12 years. She enjoys spending time with her husband Jimmy, her 3 daughters and her 4 grandchildren.

G Scott Smith, CPA
Finance Director

G Scott Smith joined Electromedical Products International, Inc. in 2017 as Finance Director with more than 35 years of diverse experience in both public practice and private industry. Prior to joining EPI, Mr. Smith served in various ownership and managerial roles with companies in the professional service and product distribution industries including seven+ years at Virbac, Inc. in international pharmaceutical sales and distribution. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1984 maintaining his certification annually via continuing education through the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.

Away from EPI, he enjoys working with his 2 adult daughters to help local German Shepherd rescue groups by fostering and finding homes for available GSDs, including adopting a few themselves.

Danielle Boyd
Marketing Manager

Danielle has been with EPI since 2016, bringing her degree from Purdue University and diverse marketing experience to both the human and veterinary market. She has assisted in growing the consumer market as well as maintaining communications and advertising to healthcare practitioners, and working with outside agencies to continuously promote and grow the Alpha-Stim brand. Her creativity and attention to detail are seen in everything from traditional and digital advertising to public relations and social media.

Outside of work, Danielle enjoys raising and showing goats and riding her horses.

Dirk Warriner
Operations Director

Dirk Warriner, BS Electrical Engineering, joined Electromedical Products International, Inc. in 2018 and has 30 years of experience in electronic manufacturing, supply chain development and new product introduction. He has been both an individual contributor and a member of management at original equipment manufacturers Texas Instruments and SunTech Medical and at leading contract manufacturing firms Solectron and Flextronics.

Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS
Founder and Chairman Emeritus (Retired)

Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch is the Inventor of Alpha-Stim technology, founder and Chairman Emeritus (1981-2020) of Electromedical Products International, Inc. He currently serves as President of the nonprofit American Institute of Stress.

Starting out as a 17th century philosophy major in college studying the great philosopher, mathematician and neuroscientist René Descartes, Dr. Kirsch became interested in pain mechanisms and as a result studied medical sciences, Chinese acupuncture and Japanese martial arts (Isshinryu karate). At the time (circa 1972) acupuncture was considered surgery by New York City authorities where he grew up so he invented a needleless acupuncture method he called “electro-acutherapy” by replacing the needles used in electroacupuncture with surface electrodes. To do so he had to move all the acupuncture points so they were directly over the points on the skin surface, as opposed to where the needles are inserted possibly for an inch or so at a sharp angle away from the formally described insertion sites of the points. He documented that in a book titled, The Complete Clinical Guide to Electro-Acutherapy, published in 1978. In graduate school Dr. Kirsch realized that the Ch’I in acupuncture was actually a form of bioelectricity so he refined his methodology and started developing technologies to make acupuncture faster, more effective, safer and more modern. He practiced and taught his original techniques throughout the world, from the USA through North and South America, Europe, The Middle East, China and Japan for over four decades. Throughout his career, Dr. Kirsch has designed medical devices and their applications and developed clinical systems for implementing pain and stress normalization technologies; primarily Alpha-Stim, biofeedback and neurofeedback. After earning a PhD in neurobiology, he founded Electromedical Products International, Inc. to commercialize Alpha-Stim technology for pain management and then for treating anxiety, depression and insomnia. The first Alpha-Stim was 17 inches wide, weighed 40 pounds and cost $5,850. It took 64 hours to make one since all the components were hand soldered to the circuit boards. Dr. Kirsch sold 7 the first year in business and over $1 million worth the second year.

He is a pain specialist board certified by the American Academy of Pain Management (DAAPM) and was the recipient of their Richard Weiner Pain Educator annual award that is given to an individual who has contributed to the advancement of the field of interdisciplinary pain management through the training of pain management professionals. He had been working extensively with the United States military (Army, Navy, SEALs, Marines and Veterans) from 2005 through his retirement in 2020.

Dr. Kirsch was a co-editor of Psychiatric Clinics of North America: Stress in Health and Disease, (Elsevier 2014), and book chapters including contributing to Healing War Trauma: A Handbook of Creative Approaches (Routledge, 2013), and Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation for Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Cognitive Dysfunction, and Pain in the textbook, Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine (CRC Press, 2015). He contributed to the book, Complementary and Integrative Treatments in Psychiatric Practice (American Psychiatric Association, 2017), and was featured in Justin Smith’s 2017 documentary movie, Body Electric: Electroceuticals and the Future of Medicine and it’s 2019 sequel, The Brain Electric: Healing Wave of the Future, and co-authored a chapter on CES in the book Using Technology in Mental Health Practice published by the American Psychological Association (2018). Dr Kirsch is also the Editor-in-Chief of two quarterly magazines published by The American Institute of Stress, Combat Stress and Contentment (free subscriptions are available at Stress.org).