Don't let pain get in your way


Whether you have back pain, neck pain, or pain coming from anywhere else in your body, you want instant pain relief. Living with pain is unbearable. When your body is hurting, it is hard to focus on anything else.  Pain can occupy a whole lot of room in your mind, and if not managed, it will have detrimental effects on all areas of your life.

Whether you need advanced pain management or pain relief, consider Alpha-Stim. This medical device will safely and effectively offer the instant and ongoing relief you need.  Independent studies have confirmed it.



There are so many options for treating pain, how do I choose?

There are so many pain products, medications, and treatment options from which to choose from. You can go the pharmaceutical route to treat pain, but drugs – especially opioids – can be addictive and have serious side effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy
  • Paranoia
  • Respiratory depression
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Constipation
  • Withdrawal

If you’ve read the news in the past year, you’re probably aware of two other common side effects from opioids and other pain management drugs: addiction and drug interaction issues. That’s why Alpha-Stim is so effective for a wide variety of people including veterans, cancer patients and aging adults – it carries none of these side effects yet is fast, safe and proven effective.

What are the best non-opioid options for pain management?

There are multiple non-narcotic approaches to pain management, including aspirin, meditation and physical therapy to name a few. Each has its own success rate and research (or lack thereof) to add credibility. Dozens of independent clinical studies have proven that Alpha-Stim not only provides fast pain relief, but it also effectively manages chronic pain.

Survey Shows Patients Feel Better with Alpha-Stim Than with Drugs

So, what is Alpha-Stim and how does it work?

The pain sensation transmits through your body along billions of nerve cells designed to transmit pain messages through electrochemical signals. The Alpha-Stim M electrotherapy stimulation device uses a microcurrent waveform that modulates the signals within the cell to provide significant pain relief and pain management without medication.

Applied to the site of pain using hand-held probes or attachable electrodes (probes for a quick treatment that takes less than 5 minutes), the Alpha-Stim M offers non-invasive, fast relief of many types of pain, including acute, post-traumatic, and chronic pain. Alpha-Stim is an effective form of pain management designed to help you avoid or reduce the need for pain medicine, but it is safe to use with prescriptions or over-the-counter medications, if needed. The Alpha-Stim® M is a handheld, prescription electrotherapy device that delivers advanced Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) to your pain site through an exclusive, patented waveform. This uniquely refined and researched waveform provides non-invasive, sustainable pain relief and pain management wherever and whenever you feel discomfort.

The Alpha-Stim M electrotherapy device can also deliver Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES). CES is proven to relieve the anxiety, insomnia, and depression that often accompany pain.

How it works

Can Alpha-Stim help me handle chronic, severe pain and work effectively?

Absolutely. Used regularly, non-narcotic Alpha-Stim will provide chronic pain relief and you can even decrease use of it over time. Alpha-Stim is more than just short-term pain relief. It is an advanced pain management device that will improve your quality of life for more than a moment.

Control your pain. Don’t let your pain control you.


severe pain decreased
In a study of severe pain patients, Alpha-Stim significantly reduced pain by an average of 71% after only 5 treatments.1


post traumatic pain decreased
56% of patients at 3 months and 85% of patients at 6 months were somewhat or very satisfied with the Alpha-Stim device.2


chronic pain improved
Chronic pain patients using Alpha-Stim reported significantly improved functionality than the usual care and sham groups.3

What people are saying…

“Alpha-Stim has proven, over time, to be my reliable source for relief. It eliminates my severe and chronic pain, and restores a welcomed and peaceful sense of well-being.” – Jack McCalister, US Military Veteran, Oklahoma


We use the Alpha Stim unit for a range of post-traumatic pain secondary to soft tissue, bone and nerve injuries and have had good success. It is a safe, efficient and clinically effective tool that we now use on a regular basis here at Everton Football Club.

Joe Hinnigan, Physiotherapist, Everton Football Club

Our hospitals are doing some really exciting things to combat chronic pain and take care of our veterans. There are VA hospitals that are using alpha-stimulation devices to treat pain and depression. That’s only going to continue and keep getting better. And we are getting there.  

Robert McDonald, VA Secretary

As far as the Dallas Cowboys are concerned, Alpha-Stim has stood the test of time yet remains at the forefront of electromedicine.

Jim D. Maurer, LAT, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys, Texas

This treatment has changed my life and has given me my weekends back. Thank you for this gift, Alpha-Stim.

Regina McGlothlin, MD, PeaceHealth Medical Group

For immediate pain relief…Alpha-Stim has no equivalent. There is no modality available that will give as quick and profound relief.

Jack L. Haden, DDS, Past President of the American Academy of Head, Neck, Facial Pain, and TMJ Orthopedics

The Alpha-Stim device is easy to use and has been well received by our players. The consensus here has been very positive.

Kevin P. O’Neill, MS, ATC, Former Head Athletic Trainer, Dallas Cowboys, Texas

With the help of Alpha-Stim, I can now go up and down stairs like a normal person—without the pain and discomfort that I have had since 1942.

Bud Rome, US Military veteran, New Jersey

Alpha-Stim has proven, over time, to be my reliable source for relief. It eliminates my severe and chronic pain, and restores a welcomed and peaceful sense of well-being.

Jack McCalister, US Military veteran, Oklahoma

The Alpha-Stim has changed my life: after a decade of debilitating pain, I can walk, sleep, and function again.

Captain Justin Powers, US Military veteran, Minnesota

I have never been more grateful for this life-altering device that helps me deal with my pain. Alpha-Stim truly has improved my quality of life by 1,000%.

Robert Rosenblatt, Georgia

I would highly recommend the use of Alpha-Stim to anyone; it has helped me to experience less pain and enjoy life every day.

Alan J. Mand, US Military veteran, Virginia

With Alpha-Stim, I am confident I will be able to function normally once again, without any side effects.

Doreen Murphy, Texas

Alpha-Stim got me over ‘the hump’ and made pain manageable…with continued signs of improvement. Thank you for helping me take my life back.

Mitchell Leffert, Tennessee

In 2006, I was seen by a pain specialist and was prescribed the Alpha-Stim. Since then, I have used it with considerable lessening of pain severity, frequency, and duration.


To all who suffer from the detrimental effects of injury, insomnia, or depression: I whole heartedly applaud and recommend Alpha-Stim to you!

Rae S. Atkins, New Jersey

I personally plan to utilize the Alpha-Stim product as often as possible. I would just like to tell anyone with chronic pain problems to try this machine. It really works.

Howard Gulledge, Specialist, United States Army

I get daily relief from pain and my condition is improving, thanks in part to Alpha-Stim. It gets me through my day!

Alan R.

My car accident left me with injuries that I continue to battle with on a daily basis. The Alpha-Stim is remarkable, and I recommend it to anyone that wants their life back.

Lyn K. Olivas, California

I used the Alpha-Stim for about 8 weeks. The effects were amazing and helped reduce the pain length, severity, and frequency.

Kenneth F. Dietrich, Arizona

Several months back, I had severe pain and was unable to walk for over two months…I started to use Alpha-Stim, and in two days I was pain free. It has made such a difference in my life.

James Dewey, California

Start relieving your pain today.



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