It’s that time again: summer is coming to an end, and the start of a new school year is fast approaching. Whether it’s your first semester of college, or you’re returning for another year on campus or continuing with remote schooling, you’re likely feeling a whole range of emotions as you prepare for a new academic year.

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The transition to college and all of its demands can feel overwhelming; hang in there!

You’ve likely experienced a great deal of disruption, stress, and anxiety this year – loss of connection with friends, extracurricular activities, and hobbies, to name a few. Perhaps you are even feeling a great deal of uncertainty about the future. You are not alone. A recent BestColleges survey reported that 81% of students are experiencing high levels of stress this fall.

Student Stress

What causes so much anxiety among college students? We are all unique – what is deeply distressing to one person may not affect you at all – and that’s ok!  As a student, you have a multitude of stressors that can contribute to feelings of anxiety, including:

Performance Pressure

College courses tend to be more rigorous and demanding than high school classes; the amount of homework you are assigned may be daunting.  Time management can be challenging when you’re trying to balance all of your assignments. It can feel like there’s just not enough time in the day, or that your brain can’t absorb any more information. For students and athletes who have performance-contingent scholarships, the stress can be even more intense.

Lifestyle Changes

If you live on campus, your lifestyle drastically changes at the start of the semester. Between getting acquainted with a roommate(s), learning how to navigate around campus, becoming familiar with your professors, and settling into a more communal style of living, there are many adaptations that you have to make in short order. It’s normal to feel homesick – to miss your home, your friends, and your family, as well as your old routine.

Sleep Patterns

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It is important to get all of your studying done – but don’t forget to sleep!

All of a sudden, your schedule has shifted. Perhaps you’re going to bed later than usual (or even pulling all-nighters) to complete homework assignments or staying up late for social engagements. Or maybe you’re kept awake by a noisy roommate, or your own thoughts and worries. Whatever the cause, a lack of sleep can exacerbate stress and anxiety. A recent study of college students found that for each night of insufficient sleep, the risk of anxiety increased by 25%. With as many as 39% of college students not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night, you are certainly not alone if you are struggling to get enough rest.

Student Success

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, you don’t have to accept it as your new normal. Your mental health is vital to your wellbeing, and it doesn’t have to take a backseat during your college years. There are many things you can do to reduce stress and limit the likelihood of experiencing anxiety and depression.  Consider connecting with friends and family; have fun with your ‘people’ and avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol.  Aim to keep a daily routine with frequent breaks, plenty of sleep, exercise, and relaxation.

Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression can help you find the help you need. If left untreated during college, anxiety and depression can become chronic and even lifelong disorders. Getting support and treatment early is vital to reducing the chance of recurrence.  It’s important to know that you have options. You don’t have to turn to medications, with all their potential side effects, to feel better.

Alpah-Stim AID

Alpha-Stim is compact and easy to use in the comfort of your home or dorm.

Alpha-Stim® is an FDA cleared medical device that is clinically proven to safely and effectively treat stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Two discreet electrodes clip onto your earlobes and transmit a painless current of electricity to your brain, in a modality called cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES.) Alpha-Stim’s patented waveform restores balance to your brainwaves, making you feel better fast. More than 100 clinical research studies back its safety and effectiveness.

Treatments are fast and easy and can be done conducted in the comfort of your home or dorm – there is no need to disrupt your already jammed schedule. Treatment sessions take just 20 minutes, but the relief is long-lasting and often immediate. Nine out of 10 Alpha-Stim users experience clinically significant relief from their anxiety. And since it is not a drug, there is no risk of addiction or lasting side effects.

We understand that money can be tight when you’re paying for your education. That’s why you can try Alpha-Stim for 30 days – and if you’re not amazed by how good you feel, you can return it. Financing options are also available.

There is no shame in experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression when you are away at school; it just means that you are human. It is not a sign that you aren’t cut out for success in college and beyond. There is no need to suffer in silence; seeking treatment is a sign of strength and bravery. 

College may be stressful, but it can also be one of the best experiences of your life.  Don’t let your anxiety or depression derail you from your goals. Get started with Alpha-Stim today, and let nothing stop you.

Alpha-Stim® is a Unique Treatment for College Depression and Anxiety

About Alpha-Stim

Alpha-Stim® is an FDA cleared, handheld medical device that has been proven time and again to effectively treat acute, post-traumatic, and chronic pain, as well as anxiety, insomnia, and depression.  Alpha-Stim uses cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), delivered through a patented waveform via two earclip electrodes, to treat anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Microcurrent electrical therapy (MET) delivers pain relief directly to the source of discomfort via two handheld Smart Probes.

The safety and effectiveness of Alpha-Stim is backed by over 100 independent clinical research studies. Unlike medications, there is no risk of addiction or lasting side effects.

Alpha-Stim is available by prescription in the United States and over-the-counter in other countries. Get started today!