Lately, a spate of actors, musicians, and athletes have spoken publicly about their struggles with mental illness and chronic pain – a courageous move that may help to remove the shame and fear that some people feel about their own struggles. Below are the stories of four celebrities speaking out about their pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia – all of which are treatable with Alpha-Stim®.


In a study of severe pain patients, Alpha-Stim significantly reduced pain by an average of 71% after only 5 treatments.

Lady Gaga has been outspoken about the chronic pain that plagues her, and even had to cancel the final ten dates of her tour, scheduled to run through February 23. The official statement released at the time of the cancellation stated, “unfortunately, Lady Gaga is suffering from severe pain that has materially impacted her ability to perform live.”




After 5 weeks of treatment with Alpha-Stim CES, participants reported an average of 94% decrease in anxiety.

For some athletes, there is pressure to appear strong both on and off the field. Football player Brandon Brooks, of the Philadelphia Eagles, had anxiety so severe that he would become physically ill every hour on the mornings of game days. Reflecting on the stereotypes of manliness in his sport and the idea that anxiety is an admission of weakness, Brooks says “that’s just ignorance. We’re in a sport that’s very ego-driven, old school in that aspect…that’s just an old-fashioned way of thinking about it.”



After 6 weeks of depression treatment, Alpha-Stim users experienced 43% improvement.

Another performer who has recently spoken out about mental illness is Michelle Williams, formerly of Destiny’s Child. Williams suffered from depression at the height of her career, but stayed silent about her struggle. Only recently did she speak publicly about her depression, saying “it is a profound sadness, a profound worthlessness, which even after you have accomplished so much – you can be the best wife, mom, artist in the world but you don’t feel like that – you feel worthless. So none of your career accomplishments, none of that even matters.”



After only 5 Alpha-Stim insomnia treatments, military service members with insomnia reported an increase of 43 minutes of sleep.

Kim Cattrall, formerly of Sex and the City, had to back out of a starring theater role in London due to a “tsunami” of chronic insomnia. Cattrall became worried about her lack of sleep when she began to find it difficult to “hold on to ideas, thoughts, even tasks” and said she “didn’t understand the debilitating consequences of having no sleep. It becomes a tsunami. I was in a void.”



What is Alpha-Stim?

Alpha-Stim is a FDA cleared, non-invasive medical device that quickly and effectively treats anxiety, depression, insomnia, and acute, chronic, and post-traumatic pain. It is available by prescription from your healthcare practitioner (in the U.S.). Outside of the U.S., Alpha-Stim is available over the counter.

Celebrities don’t experience pain, anxiety, depression, or insomnia any differently than the rest of us. But using their voices to speak publicly about their struggles may just encourage more people to realize there is no shame in seeking help for their own.

So whether you can relate to the disruptive chronic pain of Lady Gaga or the stomach-turning anxiety of Brandon Brooks; whether you understand the crushing depression of Michelle Williams or the debilitating insomnia described by Kim Cattrall, Alpha-Stim can help. With painless, easy-to-administer treatments that take 20 to 60 minutes per day, Alpha-Stim brings relief quickly and with no risk of lasting side effects or addiction. Get started today!

*Disclaimer: None of these celebrities are using or endorsing Alpha-Stim, they are simply helping to break the silence and stigma that surrounds mental health and pain disorders.


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