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Leah Harter, Director of Counseling at the Christian Center of Park City, recently joined John and Lynn to talk about the technology she employs at her practice to help her patients. Leah, like many other therapists and practitioners worldwide, relies on Alpha-Stim® to help her clients with their anxiety, insomnia, and depression:

The hosts of Cool Science Radio

“Cool Science Radio” hosts John Wells and Lynn Ware Peek.

“There is this little device called Alpha-Stim. You wear these clips on your earlobes and it sends the smallest electrical impulse, really tiny. It brings up the alpha waves, it helps your brain relax, and it brings down the delta waves, which will help with better sleep. It’s something clients can wear while they’re in session. Some clients have liked it so much that they have purchased their own units. It’s a great support for people.”

Leah practices what she preaches; she has personally used Alpha-Stim, saying “I’ve seen it and experienced it myself for just calming down and for sleeping better at night.”

John brings up the point that many people aren’t helped by, or choose not to take, traditional medications to treat their anxiety, insomnia, or depression. Leah confirms that Alpha-Stim is completely different from pharmaceuticals, and works by