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Electromedical Products International Inc. (EPI) designs, manufactures and distributes prescription medical devices for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain management. EPI is a global enterprise with distribution worldwide. Their  Alpha-Stim® AID and Alpha-Stim® M are used by physicians, psychologists, other healthcare professionals and their patients. Focusing on the Department of Defense and Veterans Administration, there are more than 100 American Veterans Affairs and military medical centers that have ordered Alpha-Stim for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia and pain. The British, Japanese, Israeli and other foreign military medical personnel also utilize the technology.

Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch developed Alpha-Stim technology and founded EPI in 1981. Dr. Kirsch is a world-renowned neuroscientist, board certified pain specialist and award winning medical educator with over three decades of experience in the electromedical field. He developed Alpha-Stim’s patented waveform as a safer and potentially more effective way to activate neuronal receptors than by using drugs.

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The Alpha-Stim® AID and Alpha-Stim® M are used by physicians, psychologists, other healthcare professionals and their patients.

Over the years, the company has enjoyed exponential growth in sales while the size of the actual device has shrunk from a table top model about the size of an old IBM typewriter weighing 40 pounds to the pocket sized versions of today. The current models are about the size of a smartphone. The device functions via small electrodes, similar to clip-on earrings placed on the earlobes for anxiety, depression and insomnia, or hand held probes for pain. The procedure is completely painless. It takes about 20 minutes a day to treat mood and sleep problems, and about 5 – 10 minutes to treat pain. Alpha-Stim technology is supported by over 95 studies, more clinical research than any therapeutic medical device in its class. These studies can be viewed at www.alpha-stim.com.

EPI relocated its headquarters from Los Angeles, CA, to Mineral Wells in 1994. EPI employs 27 people in the home office with over 50 distributors in the USA as well as distribution in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, China, Japan and South Korea to name a few. Brochures and operating instructions are available in 19 languages. EPI is an engaged community partner with programs that provide aid and support to clubs and organizations that share EPI’s dedication to improving the quality of life for all people in North Texas, as well as supporting Service Members and veterans nationally alone and together with medical charities such as SemperFi Funds, the American Red Cross and The American Institute of Stress. Most recently, after receiving a request from Japan’s Self Defense Force, EPI donated ten devices for the earthquake relief effort in Japan.

The mission at EPI is to provide a proven, safe and effective treatment choice for neurological and psychological disorders that offers lasting results. Alpha-Stim is a disruptive technology, offering a choice beyond medications which have dangerous side effects, tolerance and addiction, and often don’t work for their intended use. People often say that Alpha-Stim results are amazing; it makes a very real difference in the lives of those who use it.

Because there are always people in pain, people who are depressed or anxious and can’t sleep, EPI forecasts years of continued growth and expansion. EPI President Tracey B. Kirsch, a member of the Board of Directors of The Texas Association of Business, places great value on TAB membership. TAB membership keeps the company informed of the business climate in Texas and Washington, so that it can focus on what it does best–providing Alpha-Stim technology to improve the quality of people’s lives