From Elementary to College, Coronavirus Has Changed What Learning Looks Like

What started as a normal school year in the fall of 2019 has changed into an entirely different situation as we enter the spring of 2020. Whether you’re the parent of a child in school, or a student yourself in high school or college, the challenges you are facing right now are unprecedented. It’s normal to be experiencing stress and anxiety as a result – but remember, you are not alone.

Parenting – and Teaching – School-Aged Children

A boy does homework

Having designated “quiet zones” can help your kids understand when its time to get to work.

You’re used to filling many roles within your family, but you may not have expected to ever be a teacher’s assistant while your children attend school from home! While school districts across the nation have transitioned to remote learning, you are likely learning almost as much as your children right now – and you’re probably feeling the pressure.

Even if your child’s teacher has put together a strong learning plan, your children require more attention simply by virtue of being home instead of in the classroom. You may be feeling overwhelmed by trying to balance quality time with them against your other duties at work and home. Perhaps you’re even feeling guilty for doing your own work instead of spending more time with your children. Experts from Johns Hopkins recommend taking the following steps to ease your stress:¹

  • Set clear boundaries – Let your children know that there are certain rules at home. For example, a closed door means that mom is at “work” and should not be disturbed.
  • Designate quiet zones in your home – Use the living room or kitchen as a quiet place where kids can do their schoolwork while you work on your job
  • Coordinate care – Enlist the help of your partner or older children, if possible, to entertain younger kids so you can avoid burnout
  • Exercise together – Do some exercise or movement as a family to get everyone’s blood pumping while spending time together before or after school and work

Even with the best-laid plans, it is normal to be feeling stressed and anxious about having your children at home, and wondering whether they’re getting the best possible education. But remember – we’re all in this together, and there are ways to maintain your mental health at home.

High School and College Students

A student sits among empty seats

Finishing your school year from home can feel incredibly lonely.

Older students are also facing major disruptions to their lives as the country adapts to our new normal. You’ve abruptly had to make major changes – everything from the format of your classes to your living situation may have been upended. High school seniors are missing their proms and graduations; college students have packed up their dorms and are wondering if they’ll be returning to campus in the fall; athletes are grieving lost seasons. Meanwhile, you’re expected to continue with your classes. How can you cope?

It’s important to understand that practically everyone’s productivity is suffering right now. While some schools have turned to a pass/fail grading system in acknowledgment of that fact, others are challenging their students just as much as ever before.² Not only are you stressed by keeping up with your academics, but your motivation and your mood are low – you miss your friends, your activities, your plans.

Again, it’s normal to be feeling this way right now. It’s ok to grieve your disrupted life and to feel anxious and worried. But you don’t have to let these feelings control your life. Talk to your parents and your doctor about these feelings.

Treating Your Anxiety at Home

Whatever the source of your stress and anxiety right now, it’s important to know that there is a fast, safe, and easy way to get relief – and you don’t have to turn to medication. Alpha-Stim® is another option.

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None of us can control what’s happening in the world right now. Fortunately, we can still control how we handle our mental health. If you’re struggling with anxiety and stress, depression, or insomnia, get started today and see what Alpha-Stim can do for you!

Alpha-Stim for Anxiety, Insomnia, and Depression

About Alpha-Stim

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