Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch, inventor of the Alpha-Stim and Chairman of Electromedical Products International Inc., spoke on the topic of “Basic Protocols for Microcurrent Electrical Therapy,” at the 2003 American Academy of Pain Management conference, now called the Academy of Integrative Pain Management.

The basic MET protocols designed by Kirsch are for the Alpha-Stim M, a noninvasive, prescription medical device that is FDA cleared and clinically proven to provide a safe and effective treatment for pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

“This lecture is on the basic procedures we’re going to use,” Kirsch said. “One can apply these tools in the way one knows. Because everyone in medicine has a different model because we don’t know all of the answers. If we knew all of the answers, we wouldn’t be here. We’re still learning. We still have a lot to learn about how the body functions, how to fix it, and so over the 30 years that I’ve been doing this, I have developed various methods, trying to make them simpler and faster, so it will be practical to use on the majority of people.”

Kirsch noted that the protocols are a result of years of research, and they have been proven effective in numerous studies.

“We have a 2 to 5-minute simple protocol that provides long-lasting pain relief in four easy steps and it’s been proven effective in more research than any other therapeutic device in the world,” Kirsch said. “Our peer-reviewed surveys, our outcome studies on thousands of people—both physicians and patients—are all consistent, and it’s all very, very good. In fact, it’s so good, people don’t believe it. But it is true, and it’s easy to see, and it’s not something that takes a long time. Although the time is important because we also see a cumulative effect where people continue to improve.”

Kirsch said many patients have seen a significant decrease in pain after just a few minutes of using Alpha-Stim, when applying these simple protocols. “We’re very happy we’re able to help so many people,” he said.

Watch the full lecture below:

Dr. Kirsch on Simple Alpha-Stim Microcurrent Electrical Therapy Protocols for Pain Relief

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