If you’re having problems with your Alpha-Stim not working, try these top 5 tech support tips to help troubleshoot your issue.


1. Check your batteries

If your device won’t turn on, try replacing your batteries. Be sure to replace them with new batteries that are fresh out of the package. Batteries that have been sitting in a drawer could be unintendedly mixed in with older batteries.

We suggest using lithium batteries as they last roughly 20-30 hours compared to around 10 hours of use that you might get by using alkaline batteries. The Alpha-Stim M uses two AA batteries, while the AID uses two AAA batteries.

Make sure your batteries are facing the right way. If they are inserted incorrectly, the device will not power on.


2. Change your electrode pads

If you aren’t feeling a connection or your device starts counting down but stops after three seconds, change your Earclip Electrode Pads or Smart Probe Electrode Pads. If you are the only person using the device, you don’t need to change pads after each treatment. We suggest changing them on a weekly basis if using them regularly. Pads should absolutely be changed between users, when they start compressing and/or if they get dirty.



3. Use more conducting solution

If you aren’t using enough conducting solution, you may not be able to get a good connection. We suggest using AT LEAST 2-3 drops per electrode pad, adding additional solution during treatment as needed. The pads should be completely soaked with solution. We offer large 250mL bottles that you can use to refill the 15mL dropper bottle that comes with your device.


4. Be sure your skin is clean

Before using your Alpha-Stim, make sure that your skin is clean where the electrodes will be placed. Lotion or other topical substances can create a barrier and disrupt the connection. You can keep alcohol wipes handy and use them to quickly clean your earlobes.


5. Check your earclip or lead wire plug

If your lead wire plug has become damaged, it will not complete the circuit on the device. A simple test can be done by touching a metal paperclip to the two prongs in the lead wire port. If the device starts counting down while the paperclip is connecting the circuit, replace the earclips or lead wire.


Still need help?

If you’re still having issues with your device not working properly, free technical support is available Monday – Friday from 8-5 CST at 1-800-FOR-PAIN.