Alpha-Stim® Technology: From Discovery to Today

In the 1970’s, a visionary named Dr. Daniel L. Kirsch began developing the technology that ultimately became Alpha-Stim. It all started with one powerful insight: The human nervous system is 98% electrical or electrochemical, so why not develop a safer model of medicine based on the complex series of electrical impulses controlling all of our physiological functions?

Dr. Kirsch then began a medical odyssey that led to Alpha-Stim’s electrical waveform technology, which produces healing effects by activating key nerve centers at the brainstem.

His first area of study? The neuroendocrine mechanisms of acupuncture and electroacupuncture, along with his colleague Edmund Chen, MD. During this period, Dr. Kirsch had another important insight: physics controls chemical reactions in the body. This led to his expansion of thinking beyond traditional Western medicine, which controls disease using a chemical/mechanical paradigm. Dr. Kirsch’s approach bypasses chemistry, holding that most bodily functions can be normalized electrically.

In a series of brilliant intuitive leaps, Dr. Kirsch moved on from acupuncture and began experimenting with electrical waveforms to treat chronic pain using minute electrical currents. During this time, he realized that he could also use a small electrical current spike to penetrate the skin without needles, allowing the effective use of microcurrents too small to be used previously.

This led to combining waveforms to activate the body’s natural electrical impulses. Manipulated in precise ways, he found that these waveforms could control not only chronic pain, but also anxiety, depression, and insomnia.