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If you’re ready to get started with Alpha-Stim, print and take this info sheet to your doctor or healthcare practitioner. It includes an order form for they can fill out and fax to us. This form has a section for your practitioner to complete in lieu of writing a prescription on a script pad. If you’d like us to send your doctor some information on Alpha-Stim, please provide their info through our submit a doctor form.

If you do not have a doctor or would like to consult with a telehealth group, click here.

In the United States, you must obtain an order or prescription by a licensed healthcare practitioner. Once you have an order or prescription, you can buy an Alpha-Stim on our online store, by calling 1-800-FOR-PAIN, by faxing a retail order form to 940-328-0888.

Outside of the United States, you do not need a prescription or order from your healthcare practitioner. To purchase an Alpha-Stim, you can buy now on our webshop or by going through your local authorized Alpha-Stim distributor.

FAQ: Will my health insurance pay for my Alpha-Stim?

A: Insurance coverage varies by policy. Durable medical equipment coverage is often required to obtain some level of reimbursement for Alpha-Stim devices. EPI does not bill private carriers but will assist customers by providing a paid invoice and a sample Statement of Medical Necessity for your practitioner to complete. This statement is typically required by the insurance carrier if the device is covered. If you have a flex spending account or HSA, you may use these to purchase an Alpha-Stim.
Order Form Info Sheet
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